SurePure Juice Photopurification

Fruit juices can be processed using photopurification to reduce the number of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria, as well as yeasts and moulds. In comparison to heat pasteurisation, juices treated with photopurification enjoy a far more natural taste and colour.

Fruit juice can be spoiled due to the growth of micro-organisms. Yeasts and moulds, Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc and thermophillic Bacillus are common spoilage organisms. Escherichia Coli, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Listeria Innocua are associated with apple juice.

Product Applications:

NFC (not from concentrates)
Fruit juice concentrates
Blended single strength juice\
Single strength juice
Dairy blends
Syrups & cordials
Isotonic RTD`s & concentrates
Ice tea
Bottled water
Fortified / flavoured bottled water
Juicy water

Industry Issues

  • Consumer demand for the reductions in chemical additives/preservatives
  • Need to reduce energy and water consumption
  • Raw material quality (Concentrates e.g. Alicyclobacillus)
  • Returns of non-conforming products
  • Biochemical breakdown of sugars & vitamins i.e. fermentation affecting shelf life
  • Caramalization/colour
  • Flavour instability
  • Nutritional loss during heat treatment

The Benefits of Using SurePure Technology

  • Extending shelf-life and shelf-stability in traditionally preserved and unpreserved products
  • Reducing or eliminating preservatives and additives
  • Replacing pasteurisation
  • NPD opportunities
  • Preservation of natural constituents and organoleptic properties of juice
  • Enabling the production of aseptically-packed preservative-free concentrates
  • Reducing processing costs (heat, water, preservatives and additives)


Reduction of Aerobic Bacterial counts in various Fruit Juices

Reduction of Yeasts and Moulds in Various Fruit Juices

Reduction of E.coli in Single Strength Apple Juice

Reduction of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae inoculated Grape Juice

Log reduction od A. acidoterrestris K47 spores (‾¹) in 63° Brix concentrate, waste water and water after UV treatment