SurePure Dairy Photopurification

SurePure photopurification reduces the microbial load of milk at all levels and deactivates viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds. The process can also increase the shelf life of dairy products by at least 30%. 

As it is a non-thermal process, the product being treated retains all its natural nutritional value. 

Milk producers as well as milk processors can successfully apply photopurification either to lower the microbial counts after milking or to prevent post pasteurisation contamination.

Product Applications:
Pasteurised Milk / Cream
Ambient Aseptically packed Pasteurised Milk / Cream
Chilled Milk / Cream
Ambient Aseptically packed Milk / Cream


The average reduction in micro-organisms in milk per 1 KJ – 1 UVC exposure with 
SurePure photopurification:

Aerobic Plate Count 3log10
Coliforms > 5log10
E.Coli > 5log10
Psychotropic Bacteria >3log10
Enterococcus feculis >2.5log10
Klebsiella pneumonia >2.5log10

Fresh Milk & Cream:

  • Improved product quality and safety
  • Sours / ferments naturally, whereas pasteurised milk rots biochemically
  • Improved nutritional value
  • Limits post pasteurisation contamination at factory level, installed prior to filling
  • Elimination of bacteria that create proteases and lipases upon storage
  • Extended shelf life


  • Potential for higher yields due to the reduction of psychotrophs
  • Extended shelf life
  • Earlier ripening
  • Controlled maturation and limitation of off-flavour development
  • Enhanced organoleptic properties of final product
  • Enhanced protein stability
  • Reduction of starter cultures, preservatives and additives
  • “Raw milk”-styled cheese with total food safety

Yogurt & Other Fermented Products:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Limitation of spoilage and sineresis
  • Enhanced organoleptic properties of final product
  • Enhanced protein stability and functionality
  • Lower production costs
  • Potential for cold-stabilized product


  • Lower energy costs
  • Elimination of pasteurisation of whey concentrates prior to ultra-filtration, evaporation and  spray-drying
  • Increased protein functionality and stability, less denaturing of protein, and increased solubility of final products
  • Extended shelf life results
Reduction in Aerobic Bacterial Counts in Milk

Log 10 Reduction of Lactobacillus plantarum
inoculated full cream milk

Reduction in Aerobic bacterial counts, coliforms and B. sporothermodurans in raw milk