The patented SurePure Turbulator design increases the liquids’ exposure to UV-C, enabling greater efficacy and consistency in purification. The turbulent flow of the liquid over the lamps ensures a non-fouling, self-cleaning system whilst the multiple-lamp system guarantees added food-safety peace-of-mind. Our technology delivers replicable, predictable germicidal efficacy.

Our Technology Enables:

  • New wine-style development
  • Solutions to common microbiological problems in the cellar
  • The ultimate microbiological “insurance policy” to reduce customer come-backs

SurePure photopurification reduces the microbial load of milk at all levels and deactivates viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds. The process can also increase the shelf life of dairy products by at least 30%.  As it is a non-thermal process, the product being treated retains all its natural nutritional value.